Travel Diaries: Ticket to LA || Vlog

As I write this post I can almost feel the warm California sun on my skin. Although I am typing this as I watch the snow fall out my bedroom window back in British Columbia, if I close my eyes I am immediately brought back to the memories of watching the palm trees sway in the wind and smelling the yummy churro I had in Disneyland! Since my recent trip to Los Angeles was my first time travelling without my family, I was a little nervous about how I would get around the city. But as soon as I stepped off the plane, every little worry I had about the trip completely melted away! Here are a few highlights from my trip :)

*I also made a little travel vlog!! -  I will leave a link at the end of this post.  


Day 1

Disney day! We were so lucky to have nice weather - because even sunny California has its rainy season. We went to Disneyland on the second day and it was truly so magical! I knew it would be busy, but it was packed!! I absolutely love a good rollercoaster ride… except the Guardians of the galaxy ride (the new and improved Tower of Terror) turned my stomach inside out haha! One tip I have about going to Disney is to pack your own food. The night before we went to Walmart and I bought some veggies and hummus and snacks that I could eat while in the park - because the food at Disneyland is super expensive!


Day 2

LA day 2 was spent going to all the touristy places, and I had a bunch of locations saved on my Instagram that I wanted to go to. We went to the classic pink wall, the wings and the Glossier store all on Melrose Avenue. A little tip if you’re planning on going to Melrose Avenue - try and avoid parking right on Melrose. We parked a few blocks away and were able to park our car for free, whereas parking on Melrose was super expensive. Another place we wanted to visit was the Beverly Hills Hotel! They have a restaurant that you can sit down and have lunch at, but there was only so much that we could do in one day :)

We also went to Joan’s on Third for lunch (which was 10/10, and if you go I recommend the veggie sandwich!) and we saw two of our favourite bloggers sitting on the patio having lunch!! It was a little surreal to follow someone on Instagram and know what they are up do day-to-day, and then actually meet them in real life, but Nitsan Raiter and Sophie Suchan are two of the nicest girls!


I thought it was so funny how many people were taking pictures everywhere! In Abbotsford, when I am taking outfit pictures or having a photoshoot, people always stare and probably think, “what is that girl doing!?” but down every street in LA, someone is having a photoshoot! I can totally understand why bloggers or social media influencers are ridiculed for “changing” their personality after they move to LA, because you see a LOT of the same trends, looks and personalities. I think LA is a very inspiring city, and I like it, but I could never live there.


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you got some inspiration to explore and travel this spring!

Rebecca xx

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Best Friend Q&A + Video!!

Happy Thursday! My best friend Marley and I filmed a Q&A together!! If you followed our blog in high school than you will recognize Marley haha!! We used to have a cute blog with our friend Vienna but in the summer we decided to start our own blogs because we would be travelling a lot and it would be difficult to run a blog together from all corners of the world!

We go waayyyy back so here is a few old pictures of us for your viewing pleasure ;) be sure to follow Marley and I on Instagram because we are going to LA + Mexico next week!!

IMG_0739 2.jpg

^^ 3 years ago!! We were in grade 10 and we had a little photoshoot because it was exam week hahah


Cuba August 2017!


2011!! I think this was one of the first times we hung out!!


We had a photoshoot at school for an info tech project & I remember LOVING this picture!!


hahaha we always have a tradition to do face masks when we hang out!


Probably my favourite picture ever! When we were blogging together with our friend Vienna we did a collaboration with a local bridal shop and got to model some of their new prom dresses!


Gift Guide Under $30

hello, hello!!

I wanted to do a quick little gift guide with some cute & affordable gift ideas {just like every other blogger lol!!}! I just barely started working full-time, but I am saving up for my big Europe trip this spring! As much as I wish I could buy everyone I love something really fancy and expensive for Christmas, I just didn’t have the budget for it. Above all, I think that a really sweet, hand-made card with a special message about how much someone means to you can touch someone in a much deeper way than an expensive handbag ;) Here are a few ideas on gifts you can get that are both meaningful and budget-friendly. Happy Holidays!




also… my family and I are heading up to Silver Star mountain for Christmas, so I am SO excited for a white Christmas!!!

  1. She Is Clothing T- Shirt

I got this for my best friend for Christmas {and one for myself hehe}! I love how soft they are, but the meaning and the message behind the words, “Elle Est Forte” is a wonderful daily reminder.

2. Frame your Favourite Picture

I love giving my friends a picture in a cute frame as a gift. Especially if I know what kind of theme they have in their room, it’s fun to pick out a frame that goes with the rest of their decor!

3. A piece of jewelry that will remind them of you

*Vienna I’m spoiling your present!* One of my best friends is away in Bible school in Germany! I won’t be seeing her until the Spring, but I am sending her this sweet little “V” necklace that I got from Alyssa Short.

4. Letter their favourite bible verse or quote

Lettering a sign is such a cute and personal gift! Again, framing a sign is a git they can hang in their house or room and see everyday for encouragement!


5. Host a Brunch with your girlfriends

Hosting brunch with my girlfriends is my favourite thing to do!! Gifting a hand-made card inviting them to brunch at your place in the new year is the perfect way to save money on a lot of gifts at once and create memories instead! :)

6. Scrunchies

I never leave the house without a cute scrunchie on my wrist, and by the end of the day it always ends up in a bun on the top of my head! haha but seriously, I have been using scrunchies so much this year and the can also be the perfect little gift!

7. Pink Sugar Perfume

I can not tell you how many compliments I have recieved when I am wearing this perfume. I work as a hostess and I always get guests asking me what perfume I’m wearing!! This is the perfect sweet scent! *they also sell them at Shoppers and I found mine for way cheaper!

8. Hair Clips

Hair clips are one of my new favourite accessories. I love to have my hair down, but when it’s constantly falling in my face it can be so annoying (and get oily really fast because I’m always touching it to pit it behind my ears). There are so many cute ones on the market right now! Putting together a few hair accessories with a scrunchies and a texture spray is the perfect gift basket for a girlfriend who loves hair!


Room Makeover Winter 2018

Hi Guys!

One of my goals for November was to finish re-decorating my bedroom! I had a pale blue room with cream accents all throughout high school, & now that I am graduated I knew some changes had to be made in my room. Back in October I had started sanding down my desk & I spent about 4 hours sanding every inch of it! I wanted to stain it a lighter shade so I went to Home Depot, bought a wood stain (went back 20 minutes later because I didn’t like the colour of the stain!) & spent another 2 hours later staining it. By the end, my desk looked AWFUL!! It turns out that it wasn’t real wood, and so with my dad’s help {my dad helped me so so much with my little room makeover… THANKS DAD <3 } I ended up just painting the desk the same shade of white as my walls lol!! {This whole room makeover thing was off to a great start ugh! :( }

Since I have been so so busy with my other jobs, it took me about a month to get around to paining my room, & that alone took me three whole days! I went for a basic white shade {I bought the Benjamin Moore paint in Regal CC40 Cloud White} & I am so happy with how it turned out! I wanted something a bit more mature but still girly so I went with white walls with blush pink accents and mirrored hardware. I am so in love with how it turned out, & including paint, supplies, decor, and furniture the total cost of the make over was about $300.

Giving your room a fresh look can be honestly as simple as switching out the throw pillows or changing up your duvet cover. Since I spend a decent amount of time in my room with blogging and having another job that requires some work from home, I love to have a room that is bright and reflects my personality!


< Bed & bedside before:

I didn’t change anything with my bed, as I just got this gorgeous pink quilt from my nana a few weeks ago. I added these pink throw pillows a few weeks ago as well because I knew I was going to be changing up my room soon. Before, I had blue & white pillows with a basic white duvet.


^^ I ended up putting this little dresser in my closet {shown in the first picture}. I wanted to have a clothing wrack in it’s place with a few of my favourite items on it, & since my room is quite small there wasn’t room for the dresser as well! The dresser fits perfectly in my closet & I still am able to store my socks & casual tops & pants in it.


^^ Desk before & after. I have had this desk for yeaaars, and it was starting to look very yellow. {However you probably can’t tell because I edit out every ounce of yellow in my pictures! ;) } I am so happy that it turned out so cute with a fresh paint and some new knobs!


< I love displaying cute products on my desk in this little mirror tray that I got from Home Sense! I have a couple of mirrored pieces in my room, including my bedside table, and I love the unexpected twist it gives to the room.


I have also softened up my room with a few faux fur pieces. I have a throw blanket, a throw pillow, and a small rug all made out of the same white fur material.


^^ Of course I had to add a few little Christmas decorations! :)


I love decorating with my favourite clothes as well! Go figure that a majority of my favourite pieces are the same blush colour as everything else in my room haha

DSC_0421 2.JPG

Thank you so much for reading!! This room makeover has been a long time coming and I am so happy it is finished! I hope you have found a bit of inspiration & encouragement in knowing that re-doing your room doesn’t need to be super extravagant or expensive! Just switching up a few of your everyday things in your room can make the biggest difference!



Bedside Table {similar} | Bed | Clothing Rack

The Perfect Sweater Dress and 12 Things

Happy Saturdayyyy!!!

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure if or when I was ever going to get this post up! I have been working 10, or sometimes 12 hour days and I all I have wanted to do for the past MONTH is sit down and write a blog post!! I am actually supposed to be at my hostessing job right now… but I had a accidentally dropped a wine glass at work on my hand and thought I needed stitches!! Luckily my mom (who is a nurse, thank goodness!) was able to bandage my hand at home and I am just resting it :) To look on the bright side of things I am low-key happy for a quiet night at home haha.

eek I can’t believe it’s Halloween this week!! I am kinda bummed I’m working, but I have been saving for my trip to Europe in the spring and it’s going to be amaaazingg!!

Have a happy week!

  1. I am currently working FOUR jobs!! I am a hostess at a restaurant, I work with my aunts selling condos, I nanny for my other aunt once a week, and I am the children’s ministry director at my church! It is seriously only by the grace of the Lord that I am able to balance everything!

  2. I have been obsessed with the colour mauve this season. I just bought this sweater from Lulus and it is the perfect shade of mauve!

  3. Before I got hired with my aunts, I was planning on redesigning my room! I still am, but my plans are currently on hold. I started with my desk because I wanted to stain it a lighter wood colour, but I had so clue what I was doing and wasted 5 hours of my life sanding it and it wasn’t even made out of real wood! I honestly thought I destroyed my desk and there was noting I could do to fix it, but long story short I have a cute idea for it. (thank goodness for pinterest!) But for now I just have a clothing wrack in it’s place in my room.


4. Greek yogurt + low fat sugar free chocolate jello powder is so DELICIOUS!!! You must must must try!! It is so thick and creamy and chocolaty, and yet has no sugar and a ton of protein! (I linked the jello powder, you’re welcome:-)

5. I am blown away with what amazing weather we have had…since Thanksgiving it has been nothing but sun!! Only this weekend has it starting raining (and now theres no end of the rain in sight ugh) but this has been the most stunning fall I can remember!


6. I wanted over the knee boots for so long and I finally caved. I mean, are you really a fashion blogger if you don’t have over the knee boots?

7. I finally got to meet my friend Bethany Fontaine IRL!! She came into the restaurant last week and when I saw her, it was literally like a celebrity encounter haha! It is such a strange feeling to meet someone in real life after following them on social media! Beth if your reading this… we have to go for coffee soon!!!

8. I know I’m a little late on the train, but I have been watching The Office before I go to bed and I am CRYING it’s so funny hahahah


9. I have been adding a belt to almost all my dresses I have been wearing recently! I love how flattering it looks, and usually when I can’t find my belt it’s because my mom has stolen it and is wearing it with one of her dresses ;)

10. This week I booked a trip to LA! I am going with my bestfriend in February to visit some of our friends who are going to BIOLA!

11. I recently bought the Pink Sugar perfume from Shoppers and I am amazed at how many people have had it! Whenever I get a compliment or a question on my perfume, EVERYBODY has said that they have worn Pink Sugar before!

12. I think I have found a skincare routine that works for me!! It has been a bit of a struggle but I have found products that work for my skin and, (with help from my dr.) my skin has finally been clearing up! Let me know if you would like to see my skincare routine!


September Favourites + Video | Autumn 2018

Hello everybody!

With September gone & now that fall is in full force in BC, I thought I would share a few of the things I have been loving recently! In September we can still get some warm weather, but I feel that October is really when the rain starts coming {although we have been SO lucky to have had so many sunny days these last few weeks!} I haven’t done a ton of shopping recently, which is actually quite an accomplishment for me haha, ;) but I did get a few things here and there that I wanted to share!

Happy October!



Behind the Scenes at Vancouver Fashion Week

Hi guys!

eek! I am so excited to share these pictures with you guys from fashion week! This was my second season modelling for VFW, and I always wish fashion week lasted longer! My mom and Dad were on vacation in Europe, so I was at home looking after my four younger siblings (hahah there were a few very hectic moments!) so I decided to model for just three days. I was also asked to model at a media dinner at the Shangri-La hotel in Vancouver, which was such an amazing experience! It was an event that showcased several garments hand made by a designer in Pakistan (oh. my. gosh the outfits were so stunning!) and I had a little freak out because when I was modelling the first outfit, I looked into the crowd and saw Miss J from America’s Next Top Model in the front row!!! (and I got a picture with him WUT?!)

On Friday I walked in 2 shows. In the first show, I was wearing a custom dress that the designer fitted me for in the morning, and then made in the afternoon to wear for the show later that day. The second outfit was a mens clothing line (I probably got chosen because I was the tallest female model there lol) and I got to close the show!

Saturday was my favourite day because I got to wear the most gorgeous dresses! The same designer from the media dinner asked me to close her show in the evening, and I was so honoured that she wanted me to wear one of her ball gowns! I also walked in a gorgeous blush-pink collection, and if I was a designer that would definatly be what my clothing line would look like! FUNNY STORY: Just seconds before I walked onto the runway (like, as I was walking onto the runway from backstage!) the HEEL of my pump broke!! So I walked on my toes with half a shoe down the runway, and I don’t think anyone noticed haha!

I am super grateful for this opportunity that I got to have, and I am so happy that I made some super sweet friends!! {And a huge thank you to my grandparents for letting me stay at their condo for the weekend! Love you guys! xx} R.

^^Walking down the runway with a broken heel hahaha. Designer: Eimy Istoire | Photo by Arun Nevader

^^Walking down the runway with a broken heel hahaha. Designer: Eimy Istoire | Photo by Arun Nevader

Designer: Eimy Istoire | Photo by Arun Nevader

Designer: Eimy Istoire | Photo by Arun Nevader

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Liya Geldman

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Liya Geldman

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Liya Geldman

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Liya Geldman

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Liya Geldman

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Liya Geldman

^^ I had to stand on this chair for almost 2 hours while the seamstresses trimmed the massive crinoline that was under the dress. haha the designer took this of me after about 1/2 hour… but it was all worth it!!!

^^ I had to stand on this chair for almost 2 hours while the seamstresses trimmed the massive crinoline that was under the dress. haha the designer took this of me after about 1/2 hour… but it was all worth it!!!

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Tristen Williams

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Tristen Williams

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Liya Geldman

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Liya Geldman

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Tristen Williams

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Tristen Williams

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Tristen Williams

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Tristen Williams

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Tristen Williams

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Tristen Williams

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Liya Geldman

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Liya Geldman

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Liya Geldman

Designer: Shamsha Hashwani | Photo by Liya Geldman


My Everyday 7 Minute Curls

Hi guys!

I feel like my ‘everyday curls’ routine is constantly changing, and to be honest, I never loooved how my hair looked after I curled it; until I starting using this method! I got bangs in January and growing them out as been quite a process, but right now I actually love the length they are at and I love the way they look, especially after I curl my hair! I can go a few days between washes because I have such dry hair, and even after several night of sleeping on these curls they still look so lovely.


Rebecca xx


Products mentioned:

Flat iron: Remington 1 Inch Flatiron (I have had this one for YEARS and it hasn’t failed me!)

Verb sea salt spray

Garnier Dry Touch Finishing Spray

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What a craaaazy week it has been! I have been nannying and hostessing {and blogging, of course!} non stop! But somehow, I was able to squeeze in a little trip to the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival! At the festival they had several different varieties of sunflowers, and the ones that were in bloom were no joke, 9 feet tall! They were just these massive, bright, beautiful flowers... it was so bright and cheery!!! hahaha you'll for sure know where to find me next weekend ;)

Thank you to my sweet friend Jeannine for the pictures!

xx, R

{Scroll down for outfit details}


Dress - thrifted {similar here and here} | Shoes

Back to School Haul 2018 || + My First YouTube Video!

Hi Guys! Happy Tuesday :) 


ahh I am SO exited to upload my first YouTube video today! Photography and modelling will always be my first love, but I love editing YouTube videos, and I am excited to try something a little different! (I'm just having trouble creating and editing my YouTube banner hahaha so I'll have to ask my brother to help me) 

This fall is a bit different because I am not going back to school. I'll be going to Bible school in Austria in March, but until now I'll be working (I just got a job as a hostess at a popular restaurant in the Fraser Valley eek!!) and blogging and saving for Europe! 

Of course, I can't resist a little shopping trip, so in today's video I'm showing you guys a few things I picked up over the past few weeks for the Fall! I'm sharing some things I have thrifted, as well as some stuff from Target, SheIn, and Marshalls. 

ALSO! If you live in the Fraser Valley area, a few of my blogger friends and I are having a closet sale on Saturday, August 25 from 10am-4pm. DM me on my Instagram for the address! 

Rebecca X 

Products Mentioned: 

Embroidered Shoes - Thrifted (these ones and these ones are some of my favs as well!) 

Suede Shoes - Thrifted (Similar ones here and here)

Clogs - Thrifted (similar ones here and here

Striped off the shoulder dress - Thrifted (Similar ones here and here) has a bunch of super cute striped dresses!! 

Orange and white striped dress - Thrifted (similar ones here and here

Lace Dress - Thrifted (similar here and here

SheIn Shorts

Black Dress (similar here and here

Levi's Shorts - Thrifted 

Target Purse

Are you going back to school?! 



8 Things Every Girl Needs For Back-To-School || With Basic Bloggerss

Good morning guys! I am so excited because today's post is a collaboration with one of my best friends! Vienna and I had a blog together throughout high school (If you scroll far enough down on her blog you will see some of my old posts! :) Her and I will be travelling together to Europe in the spring, and I am so SO excited! You can read my post on her blog here, where I am sharing 5 ways to style 1 dress! 


Rebecca xx

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Peach Perfect

hi guys! 

At our cottage in the Okanagan there are so many orchards. My family loves to go berry picking together (haha we picked over 100 lbs of blueberries this summer to store in our freezer for smoothies and crumbles) and on one of the cloudier days that we were at the cottage my mom and I decided to go peach picking! Peaches are my absolute favvvourite fruit, and I actually used my apricot crumble recipeto make a peach crumble! The orchard also had these massive cherry trees, and some of the trees had so many cherries on them that the branches were bent over and almost touching the ground! 

Rebecca xx

Dress: Garage Clothing 

Hair scarf: American Eagle