The Perfect Sweater Dress and 12 Things

Happy Saturdayyyy!!!

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure if or when I was ever going to get this post up! I have been working 10, or sometimes 12 hour days and I all I have wanted to do for the past MONTH is sit down and write a blog post!! I am actually supposed to be at my hostessing job right now… but I had a accidentally dropped a wine glass at work on my hand and thought I needed stitches!! Luckily my mom (who is a nurse, thank goodness!) was able to bandage my hand at home and I am just resting it :) To look on the bright side of things I am low-key happy for a quiet night at home haha.

eek I can’t believe it’s Halloween this week!! I am kinda bummed I’m working, but I have been saving for my trip to Europe in the spring and it’s going to be amaaazingg!!

Have a happy week!

  1. I am currently working FOUR jobs!! I am a hostess at a restaurant, I work with my aunts selling condos, I nanny for my other aunt once a week, and I am the children’s ministry director at my church! It is seriously only by the grace of the Lord that I am able to balance everything!

  2. I have been obsessed with the colour mauve this season. I just bought this sweater from Lulus and it is the perfect shade of mauve!

  3. Before I got hired with my aunts, I was planning on redesigning my room! I still am, but my plans are currently on hold. I started with my desk because I wanted to stain it a lighter wood colour, but I had so clue what I was doing and wasted 5 hours of my life sanding it and it wasn’t even made out of real wood! I honestly thought I destroyed my desk and there was noting I could do to fix it, but long story short I have a cute idea for it. (thank goodness for pinterest!) But for now I just have a clothing wrack in it’s place in my room.


4. Greek yogurt + low fat sugar free chocolate jello powder is so DELICIOUS!!! You must must must try!! It is so thick and creamy and chocolaty, and yet has no sugar and a ton of protein! (I linked the jello powder, you’re welcome:-)

5. I am blown away with what amazing weather we have had…since Thanksgiving it has been nothing but sun!! Only this weekend has it starting raining (and now theres no end of the rain in sight ugh) but this has been the most stunning fall I can remember!


6. I wanted over the knee boots for so long and I finally caved. I mean, are you really a fashion blogger if you don’t have over the knee boots?

7. I finally got to meet my friend Bethany Fontaine IRL!! She came into the restaurant last week and when I saw her, it was literally like a celebrity encounter haha! It is such a strange feeling to meet someone in real life after following them on social media! Beth if your reading this… we have to go for coffee soon!!!

8. I know I’m a little late on the train, but I have been watching The Office before I go to bed and I am CRYING it’s so funny hahahah


9. I have been adding a belt to almost all my dresses I have been wearing recently! I love how flattering it looks, and usually when I can’t find my belt it’s because my mom has stolen it and is wearing it with one of her dresses ;)

10. This week I booked a trip to LA! I am going with my bestfriend in February to visit some of our friends who are going to BIOLA!

11. I recently bought the Pink Sugar perfume from Shoppers and I am amazed at how many people have had it! Whenever I get a compliment or a question on my perfume, EVERYBODY has said that they have worn Pink Sugar before!

12. I think I have found a skincare routine that works for me!! It has been a bit of a struggle but I have found products that work for my skin and, (with help from my dr.) my skin has finally been clearing up! Let me know if you would like to see my skincare routine!