Room Makeover Winter 2018

Hi Guys!

One of my goals for November was to finish re-decorating my bedroom! I had a pale blue room with cream accents all throughout high school, & now that I am graduated I knew some changes had to be made in my room. Back in October I had started sanding down my desk & I spent about 4 hours sanding every inch of it! I wanted to stain it a lighter shade so I went to Home Depot, bought a wood stain (went back 20 minutes later because I didn’t like the colour of the stain!) & spent another 2 hours later staining it. By the end, my desk looked AWFUL!! It turns out that it wasn’t real wood, and so with my dad’s help {my dad helped me so so much with my little room makeover… THANKS DAD <3 } I ended up just painting the desk the same shade of white as my walls lol!! {This whole room makeover thing was off to a great start ugh! :( }

Since I have been so so busy with my other jobs, it took me about a month to get around to paining my room, & that alone took me three whole days! I went for a basic white shade {I bought the Benjamin Moore paint in Regal CC40 Cloud White} & I am so happy with how it turned out! I wanted something a bit more mature but still girly so I went with white walls with blush pink accents and mirrored hardware. I am so in love with how it turned out, & including paint, supplies, decor, and furniture the total cost of the make over was about $300.

Giving your room a fresh look can be honestly as simple as switching out the throw pillows or changing up your duvet cover. Since I spend a decent amount of time in my room with blogging and having another job that requires some work from home, I love to have a room that is bright and reflects my personality!


< Bed & bedside before:

I didn’t change anything with my bed, as I just got this gorgeous pink quilt from my nana a few weeks ago. I added these pink throw pillows a few weeks ago as well because I knew I was going to be changing up my room soon. Before, I had blue & white pillows with a basic white duvet.


^^ I ended up putting this little dresser in my closet {shown in the first picture}. I wanted to have a clothing wrack in it’s place with a few of my favourite items on it, & since my room is quite small there wasn’t room for the dresser as well! The dresser fits perfectly in my closet & I still am able to store my socks & casual tops & pants in it.


^^ Desk before & after. I have had this desk for yeaaars, and it was starting to look very yellow. {However you probably can’t tell because I edit out every ounce of yellow in my pictures! ;) } I am so happy that it turned out so cute with a fresh paint and some new knobs!


< I love displaying cute products on my desk in this little mirror tray that I got from Home Sense! I have a couple of mirrored pieces in my room, including my bedside table, and I love the unexpected twist it gives to the room.


I have also softened up my room with a few faux fur pieces. I have a throw blanket, a throw pillow, and a small rug all made out of the same white fur material.


^^ Of course I had to add a few little Christmas decorations! :)


I love decorating with my favourite clothes as well! Go figure that a majority of my favourite pieces are the same blush colour as everything else in my room haha

DSC_0421 2.JPG

Thank you so much for reading!! This room makeover has been a long time coming and I am so happy it is finished! I hope you have found a bit of inspiration & encouragement in knowing that re-doing your room doesn’t need to be super extravagant or expensive! Just switching up a few of your everyday things in your room can make the biggest difference!



Bedside Table {similar} | Bed | Clothing Rack