8 Things Every Girl Needs For Back-To-School || With Basic Bloggerss


Good morning guys! I am so excited because today's post is in collaboration with one of my best friends! Vienna and I had a blog together throughout high school (If you scroll far enough down on her blog you will see some of my old posts! :) Her and I will be travelling together to Europe in the spring, and I am so SO excited! You can read my post on her blog here, where I am sharing 5 ways to style 1 dress! 


Rebecca xx



Hey Lovelies, My name is Vienna.

Since some of you may not know me I will share a little bit about myself! I am a super good friend of Rebecca’s, we used to do a blog together that I run now called, BasicBloggerss. We also graduated from highschool together last year. I love blogging about fashion, and lifestyle!

Today I want to share with you some of my back-to-school essentials since school is right around the corner (sorry to burst your bubble;)



One of the first things I always carry with me is a planner. This is great for organization! I love to write down my assignments from different classes on the day that I get them and then when they are due. It is also great to plan out anything after school so that there are no conflicts.


Something that always makes me feel better about going to school is having a cute backpack. I like leather or faux leather bags, but I have to make sure that they are big enough to carry my books and my laptop! I also like something that is a more neutral colour to match all my outfits like white or black.

Another thing I will always have on me are my pens and pencils. Taking notes in class is very important. I prefer pens over pencils but it is always good to have a pencil on hand for tests of anything that I can not use pen for!




White out or erasers are super important if you don’t like scratching things out. I like the paper style white out over the liquid because I can continue writing right away.


Something that I don’t always find I need but are always handy are my headphones. They are great if you have a work period or spare block at school if you are allowed your phones at school. These almost end up having that “gum problem” where everyone ends up asking to borrow them!



Some mornings when I am running late, perfume can seem to be the last thing on my mind. That is why I like to keep a travel size perfume in my pencil case at all times. It also come in handy after gym class!


And the last two things I will always bring with me to school are cute notebooks and highlighters. Again I like a cute notebook instead of a plain one because it makes me feel a bit better about being in school. I also love having highlighters to colour code my notes and my planner!


I hope that you got some tips for all your back-to-school need! I would love you all to also check out Rebecca’s post on my page www.basicbloggerss.com!