Best Friend Q&A + Video!!

Happy Thursday! My best friend Marley and I filmed a Q&A together!! If you followed our blog in high school than you will recognize Marley haha!! We used to have a cute blog with our friend Vienna but in the summer we decided to start our own blogs because we would be travelling a lot and it would be difficult to run a blog together from all corners of the world!

We go waayyyy back so here is a few old pictures of us for your viewing pleasure ;) be sure to follow Marley and I on Instagram because we are going to LA + Mexico next week!!

IMG_0739 2.jpg

^^ 3 years ago!! We were in grade 10 and we had a little photoshoot because it was exam week hahah


Cuba August 2017!


2011!! I think this was one of the first times we hung out!!


We had a photoshoot at school for an info tech project & I remember LOVING this picture!!


hahaha we always have a tradition to do face masks when we hang out!


Probably my favourite picture ever! When we were blogging together with our friend Vienna we did a collaboration with a local bridal shop and got to model some of their new prom dresses!