Travel Diaries: Ticket to LA || Vlog

As I write this post I can almost feel the warm California sun on my skin. Although I am typing this as I watch the snow fall out my bedroom window back in British Columbia, if I close my eyes I am immediately brought back to the memories of watching the palm trees sway in the wind and smelling the yummy churro I had in Disneyland! Since my recent trip to Los Angeles was my first time travelling without my family, I was a little nervous about how I would get around the city. But as soon as I stepped off the plane, every little worry I had about the trip completely melted away! Here are a few highlights from my trip :)

*I also made a little travel vlog!! -  I will leave a link at the end of this post.  


Day 1

Disney day! We were so lucky to have nice weather - because even sunny California has its rainy season. We went to Disneyland on the second day and it was truly so magical! I knew it would be busy, but it was packed!! I absolutely love a good rollercoaster ride… except the Guardians of the galaxy ride (the new and improved Tower of Terror) turned my stomach inside out haha! One tip I have about going to Disney is to pack your own food. The night before we went to Walmart and I bought some veggies and hummus and snacks that I could eat while in the park - because the food at Disneyland is super expensive!


Day 2

LA day 2 was spent going to all the touristy places, and I had a bunch of locations saved on my Instagram that I wanted to go to. We went to the classic pink wall, the wings and the Glossier store all on Melrose Avenue. A little tip if you’re planning on going to Melrose Avenue - try and avoid parking right on Melrose. We parked a few blocks away and were able to park our car for free, whereas parking on Melrose was super expensive. Another place we wanted to visit was the Beverly Hills Hotel! They have a restaurant that you can sit down and have lunch at, but there was only so much that we could do in one day :)

We also went to Joan’s on Third for lunch (which was 10/10, and if you go I recommend the veggie sandwich!) and we saw two of our favourite bloggers sitting on the patio having lunch!! It was a little surreal to follow someone on Instagram and know what they are up do day-to-day, and then actually meet them in real life, but Nitsan Raiter and Sophie Suchan are two of the nicest girls!


I thought it was so funny how many people were taking pictures everywhere! In Abbotsford, when I am taking outfit pictures or having a photoshoot, people always stare and probably think, “what is that girl doing!?” but down every street in LA, someone is having a photoshoot! I can totally understand why bloggers or social media influencers are ridiculed for “changing” their personality after they move to LA, because you see a LOT of the same trends, looks and personalities. I think LA is a very inspiring city, and I like it, but I could never live there.


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you got some inspiration to explore and travel this spring!

Rebecca xx

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