Gift Guide Under $20

hello, hello!!

I wanted to do a quick little gift guide with some cute & affordable gift ideas {just like every other blogger lol!!}! I just barely started working full-time, but I am saving up for my big Europe trip this spring! As much as I wish I could buy everyone I love something really fancy and expensive for Christmas, I just didn’t have the budget for it. Above all, I think that a really sweet, hand-made card with a special message about how much someone means to you can touch someone in a much deeper way than an expensive handbag ;) Here are a few ideas on gifts you can get that are both meaningful and budget-friendly. Happy Holidays!




also… my family and I are heading up to Silver Star mountain for Christmas, so I am SO excited for a white Christmas!!!

  1. She Is Clothing T- Shirt

I got this for my best friend for Christmas {and one for myself hehe}! I love how soft they are, but the meaning and the message behind the words, “Elle Est Forte” is a wonderful daily reminder.

2. Frame your Favourite Picture

I love giving my friends a picture in a cute frame as a gift. Especially if I know what kind of theme they have in their room its fun to pick out a frame that goes with the rest of their decor.

3. A piece of jewelry that will remind them of you

*Vienna I’m spoiling your present!* One of my best friends is away in Bible school in Germany! I won’t be seeing her until the Spring, but I am sending her this sweet little “V” necklace that I got from Alyssa Short.

4. Letter their favourite bible verse or quote

Lettering a sign is such a cute and personal gift! Again, framing a sign is a git they can hang in their house or room and see everyday for encouragement!

5. Host a Brunch with your girlfriends

Hosting brunch with my girlfriends is my favourite thing to do!! Gifting a hand-made card inviting them to brunch at your place in the new year is the perfect way to save money on a lot of gifts at once and create memories instead! :)

6. Scrunchies

I never leave the house without a cute scrunchie on my wrist, and by the end of the day it always ends up in a bun on the top of my head! haha but seriously, I have been using scrunchies so much this year and the can also be the perfect little gift!

7. Pink Sugar Perfume

I can not tell you how many compliments I have recieved when I am wearing this perfume. I work as a hostess and I always get guests asking me what perfume I’m wearing!! This is the perfect sweet scent! *they also sell them at Shoppers and I found mine for way cheaper!

8. Hair Clips

Hair clips are one of my new favourite accessories. I love to have my hair down, but when it’s constantly falling in my face it can be so annoying (and get oily really fast because I’m always touching it to pit it behind my ears). There are so many cute ones on the market right now! Putting together a few hair accessories with a scrunchies and a texture spray is the perfect gift basket for a girlfriend who loves hair!