How to Look Good in Every Photo | Model Tips

Good Morning!  

Today's post has been one that I am so excited to share, because I have had a bit of experience in front of the camera. I have been blogging for a few years and have had so many photo shoots, (ahh I sooo wish I had photos from some of my photoshoots I had with my friends when I was in middle school! SO cringy!!) and I have had a bit of experience modelling as well! If you are a fashion blogger or just want to know ow to look better in photos, here are some of my favourite tips and tricks:

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Know your good side

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. If you scroll on my instagram, you will notice a consistent pattern of similar angles of my face. hahahah 99% of my photos my face is turned slightly to the left, because that's my good side! Take a second to look in the mirror or take a few selfies of various angles of your face. When you know your good side it makes it so much easier when taking photos (I always stand on the left side of the group when I'm taking photos with my friends) haha and my friends always make fun of me!



Create angles

Something I have learned from modelling is that creating angles is so much more flattering compared to standing straight on to the camera. Create angles with your arms and legs by making small movements and creating candid moments! My go-to 'look' is to stand with one leg in front and to the side to make my legs look longer.  As well, I shift my weight to my back leg to make my legs appear slimmer. #legfordays ;)



The invisible heel  

Another one of my go-to poses is a fake walking pose. I will raise my heels and stand slightly on my toes. Again, this makes the legs look longer, leaner, and adds movement and dimension to the photo. When doing the fake walk, be sure to lean back a little bit (hahah it sounds like an awkward pose but trust me, it looks good in photos!) because whatever is closer to the camera will appear larger, and whatever is further away will appear smaller. Hence, to make your legs appear longer and your waist smaller, leaning back even a little bit will create this illusion.



Natural light

One factor that can completely ruin a cute picture is the lighting!! We have actually been getting some realllly sunny weather in Vancouver recently, which is so lovely but not ideal for taking photos. If I am shooting outside on a sunny day, I will always look for a shady spot to take photos. Shooting in direct sunlight can create dramatic shadows under the eyes that can darken your face and make your eyes look tired. If you are shooting inside, windows will be your best friend! By facing a window (make sure you're facing the window and your back isn't towards it) you will get amazing lighting that will illuminate your face!


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Use the "save photos" feature on Instagram for inspiration

I have soooo many photos saved on Instagram.. their "saved photos" feature is one of my favourite features for finding photo inspiration! When I have a photoshoot, I will look through my saved photos to find ideas for poses or looks that I want to do. At fashion week, the designers had 'mood boards' with dozens of photos of different poses and looks that inspired their line. Before each show, I would always take a quick peek at their mood board to see their vision for the line, and what kind of walk and pose would be best suited for my look.



The illusion of a smaller waist  

Another trick I learned from runway modelling is to put your hands on the smallest part of your waist, and bring your fingers closer together. It's a simple tip and it can completely change the look of your waist.