September Favourites + Video | Autumn 2018

Hello everybody!

With September gone & now that fall is in full force in BC, I thought I would share a few of the things I have been loving recently! In September we can still get some warm weather, but I feel that October is really when the rain starts coming {although we have been SO lucky to have had so many sunny days these last few weeks!} I haven’t done a ton of shopping recently, which is actually quite an accomplishment for me haha, ;) but I did get a few things here and there that I wanted to share!

Happy October!


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Healthy(ish) Apricot Crisp

Hello! Happy August!

We are up at the family cottage for the weekend, and I am so happy to spend the week with my family! We are so busy doing our own thing a lot of the time, and so these moments we have together at my the cottage are so special! We have a few fruit trees on the property, one of them being an apricot tree! Since it has been so so hot a lot of the apricots have gone really ripe and squishy, but I thought they would be perfect to make into a crumble! {mmmm it's baking in the oven as I am writing this post and the kitchen smells heavenly!}

Yay!! It's almost Friday! 

XX Rebecca 

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18 Things I have Learned in 18 Years

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog!! I am Rebecca Sophia, and I am so excited to finally have launched my own blog! I have been blogging with my two best friends for the past three years while we were in high school, but since graduating this Summer I knew it was time for me to start my own. I have always been into fashion and beauty, so that is what this blog will be about! I also am passionate about living a well-balanced lifestyle, and so there will be a few travel posts, as well as an occasional fitness postl! I hope you will find inspiration and motivation to discover your passions and that through my posts and stories I will be able to share my Faith and the hope I have in Jesus Christ! 

thank you for stopping by! 

Rebecca XO 

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